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Turning Wrenches Tune-Ups

Depending on the year, make and model. All cars need maintenance of some sort. Older vehicles, (1970-1995), required more frequent tune up parts replaced. From 1996 to current, require a slightly different maintenance process. Longer life on the spark plugs, sooner throttle body and fuel injection cleaning. Most vehicles have ignition systems and a throttle bore. The engine’s ignition system is the component that ignites the fuel air mixture inside the combustion chamber. When an ignition system fails, it can cause various symptoms such as stalling, rough engine under power, service engine light (check engine) and complete engine shut down. Be sure to keep your vehicle’s engine and fuel system clean to assure the proper operation of your vehicle. The step by step instruction below is characteristic of today’s ignition and air intake systems. Most vehicles today need a tune up every 35,000 to 65,000 miles depending on driving conditions. Before starting determine which tune up parts are needed. Inspect the particular system on your car then purchase the appropriate parts to complete the job.